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New Build Services

If you're building a new home, we can help.

We work with builders of all sizes to make sure your home is properly wired and technology future-proofed.

Many new homes are insufficiently wired for whole-house entertainment and control technology. This results in more expenses and headaches down the road. Whether it's the costs associated with installing new outlets or running wire after the walls are in place, or the headaches that come from working on walls or flooring you have already painted and decorated. We want you to avoid both by ensuring your new home is ready for tomorrows digital home technology today.

HouseDigital will work with your builder, your architect, and your designer to future-proof your home by pre-planning wiring and installation locations. By doing this during the build phase we can ensure that you're new house is truly a home from day one.

Your home-theater will be ready to play all your home movies, your home network will be up and running, your favorite music will be playing in every room in your house, and your family will get the most out of your new home.

Get in touch with us and we'll set up a meeting with you and your builder.

Our Work

We pride ourselves on building our business through word-of-mouth.

We aren't happy until our customers our happy. For example…

With the installation of whole house WIFI, streaming entertainment like Netflix and Hulu+ are at our fingertips. High definition brings our wall-mounted flat screens to life, and SONOS multi room music turns our home into a symphony hall via our iPhones and iPads. And it’s still simple. It’s seamless. It’s ahhhhhhhhhh.

Thanks for the impeccable service guys. We can’t wait to get together again soon.

-Alice & Bill Clark

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If you're looking for digital lifestyle solutions, we'd love to work with you.

Please give us a call or email. We can talk about your situation and help however we can.

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